Distribution Services

Statesville Distribution Services, Inc. formerly, Holland Distribution, has been in business since the 1980s. We have since then operated as a well-established and profitable transfer and storage company. Our location is a strong asset for us. We are located in Statesville, North Carolina at the intersection of I-40 and I-77 and just outside North Carolina’s major cities. We are also accessible to I-85 by Highway 70. We offer the full range of storage and distribution services. We provide both racked and floor locations for your product and can tailor your pricing to suit your needs, whether by square footage or per-piece pricing. We can also provide competitive pricing for each of your distribution service needs.

What is Distribution?

Distribution is getting your products to market! It is more of a challenge than designing or even producing them. Especially if your customer base is broadly dispersed, and even more so if your product is diverse. Historically, the choice between distributing your own products or having someone else handle the job was no choice at all. There simply wasn’t anyone that you trusted, but the era has changed with distribution. Distribution is far more than the physical movement of goods. It’s the efficient inventory management of the product. It’s the speed and responsiveness, and the quality control maintenance of the team. It’s also direct interface with your customer. Bottom line, it is the LIFEBLOOD of your company’s operation. The list of companies using outside distribution specialists has grown rapidly in recent years and today includes fields ranging from raw materials to finished products. Behind this trend is a common discovery: Use of a distribution specialist can provide added flexibility and actual dollar savings, through just-in-time inventory management and control.

In short, it is — FOR YOUR COMPANY — a more cost-effective route.

Corporate Office and Warehouse 2: 2227 Salisbury Hwy, Statesville, NC  28677
Warehouse 1: 2088 Salisbury Hwy, Statesville, NC  28677